That Time I started something before I knew how to do it very well….

So, I was walking through the isles of Target one afternoon in mid December (isn’t that how all good stories start?), and I found myself in the office/school/crafty supply section (shocker….). I was looking for cool pens for my new bullet journal, which was supposed to be my ‘new winter/indoor hobby’, when I saw these  beauties –


It didn’t take me very long to follow them down the handle lettering/calligraphy rabbit hole. A quick google or Insta search shows a ton of resources for learning and I am (true to my nature) trying them all at once. It’s so fun and relaxing and I totally fell in love with it. I practice every day, on my own or with a lettering challenge or a Skillshare class, or even an in person workshop. ‘Small’ pens like these, pointed dip pens, I’m 100% for it all.

This is so weird to me, I was never the creative one, everyone else in the family – but not me. And then I found this thing, that I wasn’t even looking for and it feels like I’m at the beginning of something. So, I’m following that, I’m learning as much as I can, I’m creating wherever I go. Meeting minutes in a bouncy syle? Sorry. Not Sorry. My supply collection has grown from a dozen pens to a tray full, with paper and inks and more. And I haven’t even started looking at watercolors yet – EEEK!

It’s this tiny, infant of an idea and it’s kind of taking over. I’ve named it Blackberry Creative, after the place I love. You probably know that the Indians who setteled this area named it Kekionga. One popular theory suggests the English translation is ‘blackberry patch’.  I kind of love that too.


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