That Time I started something before I knew how to do it very well….

So, I was walking through the isles of Target one afternoon in mid December (isn’t that how all good stories start?), and I found myself in the office/school/crafty supply section (shocker….). I was looking for cool pens for my new bullet journal, which was supposed to be my ‘new winter/indoor hobby’, when I saw these  beauties –


It didn’t take me very long to follow them down the handle lettering/calligraphy rabbit hole. A quick google or Insta search shows a ton of resources for learning and I am (true to my nature) trying them all at once. It’s so fun and relaxing and I totally fell in love with it. I practice every day, on my own or with a lettering challenge or a Skillshare class, or even an in person workshop. ‘Small’ pens like these, pointed dip pens, I’m 100% for it all.

This is so weird to me, I was never the creative one, everyone else in the family – but not me. And then I found this thing, that I wasn’t even looking for and it feels like I’m at the beginning of something. So, I’m following that, I’m learning as much as I can, I’m creating wherever I go. Meeting minutes in a bouncy syle? Sorry. Not Sorry. My supply collection has grown from a dozen pens to a tray full, with paper and inks and more. And I haven’t even started looking at watercolors yet – EEEK!

It’s this tiny, infant of an idea and it’s kind of taking over. I’ve named it Blackberry Creative, after the place I love. You probably know that the Indians who setteled this area named it Kekionga. One popular theory suggests the English translation is ‘blackberry patch’.  I kind of love that too.

New Hobbies, Old Friends

December is cold in northern Indiana, so outdoor hobbies are limited. In the warmer months, I love to be outside. Bikes, parks, rivers, and (sometimes) even my own garden.  Christmas brought us some warm weather hobby gear, and that gives us something to look forward to. In my Oprah voice, ‘YOU get a kayak and YOU get a kayak!’ YAY!! We have lots of river to explore, and now we’ll be able to. The downside of kayaks for Christmas is that we probably won’t break them out until spring.

I’ve never really though of myself as a creative person. I’m a problem solver, a thinker, a researcher, a connector, a relationship builder. But creative? nope. A blank sketch pad makes me nervous, I feel like it should be full of to-do lists…

But then, I stumbled on some brush pens at Target (wouldn’t you know it….), and another new hobby was born. Hand lettering and modern calligraphy are not things I would have guessed would be part of my days, but they are- and I’m just happy making loopy letters and playing with shapes. Practice makes progress, and I’m really just having fun. Scan insta and you’ll find a whole community of artists and creators. Pretty Cool.

January 07, 2018 at 0707PM.jpg

I think this will be a fun adventure. I’ve already started a couple of daily challenge groups to help me and keep me practicing.

In the midst of starting this new hobby, we also said goodbye to our sweet black cat. He was 15 years young, and we loved him very much.

January 06, 2018 at 0829AM.jpg

He was the cuddliest, sweetest, neediest kitty we’ve ever had. He was a terrible jumper, and loved shiny things. No one napped better than a black cat. Goodnight my babe, we’ll keep you in our hearts.

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