Coffeeneuring 2017, Part Two

Coffeeneuring 2017, Part One outlines my first rides of the year. Below are the final outings of the challenge.

Ride #5 to Conjure Coffee. This was a very special ride. I played a very small part in the story here, and am very proud and grateful to know this crew. A team of hardworking volunteers has been planning a pop up bike lane/traffic calming elements, block party, art show and more at this intersection. We rode over the day before the event to check out the progress and lend a hand.

We won a grant from AARP to bring Team Better Block for consultation as to how we could make this particular intersection more pedestrian and bike friendly. I pass this multiple times a week, it’s a main artery into down town from my neighborhood. Because it’s a main artery, traffic often exceeds the 30 mph posted speed limit by 10-15 mph. To some it’s a necessary pass through, but it’s also a true neighborhood with kids walking to school, greenway trail access and, to the coffeeneuring point – a perfect neighborhod coffee shop!


Date: Friday November 2nd

What I Drank: americano

Mileage: 3

It’s kinda hard to get to (thus the catalyst for this event!) by bike. Recent remodeling added bike parking and racks were brought in for the event as well.

Ride #6 It’s early, and cold, but today my city is celebrating 100 miles of greenway. Trail advocates gathered to mark this occasion with a pre-dawn bike ride! The news was there to capture our excitement!

November 13, 2017 at 0837AM

Date: Monday, November 13

What I Drank: pour over, with 1/2 and 1/2

Mileage: 8

No bike parking, but we were on the trail

Ride #7

I didn’t expect to end up finishing the challenge in another state, but between weather and schedule I couldn’t complete the challenge before my vacation. What’s a girl to do? Well obviously, make time for a coffee shop with out walls on vacation. My parents live in a nice suburb, with the beginnings of a Greenway Trails system. So, my sister and I went out exploring. We took our parents new puppy to see what we could see. Crunchy leaves and a good cuppa joe. Much warmer temperatures than we normally see back home around this time of year.

Datr: Saturday, November 18th

What I drank: pour over with half and half.

Distance: 2.4 miles


Home location: Fort Wayne IN (with one control in Memphis TN!)

I didn’t find coffeeneuring until just a few years ago, but, I have unknowingly been coffeeneuring since my first adult bike ride. I love coffee, and my city has lots of local shops to choose from.

Bikes are another thing that I like. As President of our local advocacy organization, bikes have introduced me to a whole network of community and city leaders.

Combining the two is perfection!

My theme within a theme became “local shops only”, and that was nearly effortless.

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