Or, If You Can’t Be With the One You Love, Love the One You’re With.

I love my city, I love the spirit and the people and the challenge. I love that it’s familiar, I love  that there are new nooks and crannies to discover. Many times I wish it were easier for our community to make room for progress, but I love the tenacity and the passion that comes out when people are so committed to seeing their dream come alive. I love being a small part of that, I love helping shape what comes next.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to see things that might be, but sometimes a vision is so clear and so bright that it can’t be ignored. Take a risk. Try a new restaurant, Check out that gallery opening, catch a groundbreaking performance.  And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, create it. Lots of festivals, events and ideas started with, ‘I wonder why we don’t have something like that here….?’

I love being around problem solvers, evolvers, dreamers and volunteers. They share a common thread. They share. Time, talent, funds, network, they bring their gifts to the table as an offer to the cause. They energize me.


Ke Ki On Ga. A blackberry bush.

What I like

I wanted a place to collect things I like and things I think, so I created one.

Animals, coffee, bikes, yoga, my family, volunteering, my city, being outside, food. There will probably be a bit of everything here.

Me? ESTJ. Liberal. I volunteer a lot. I drink too much coffee, I try to eat healthy but I’ll never say no to cheese. I like having a plan, and crossing things off of a list.

I love Jay and my family. Animals are better than most of us. I love yoga and bikes.

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