Fallidays and a November Reflection

November and December are crazy busy for most of us. My family is no different, and were grateful to be able to gather together during this time. My parents live several states away, a bit south. We often celebrate holidays the weekend before or after, we are pretty flexible like that. It just so happened that our early celebration made it possible for us to give a butterfly a lift.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Jennifer found an injured butterfly, Amy took him in to help him heal, and he then joined Jade and Meg on a 600+ road trip to get him more south. Kent and Melita agreed to a new house guest.

Morty the Monarch’s adventures were made possible by my mother’s gardening expertise. She had the perfect experience and knowledge to accept an injured butterfly house guest. Add to that, my dad’s woodworking skills and they had the means to care for and protect this little bug until spring.

Little Morty was the topic of our Thanksgiving festivities, but there were plenty of family memories as well. Wide open spaces, pots and pots and pots of coffee, mom’s home cooking, puppy energy, crazy weather, new friends, bike rides, so much highway, ‘Kelsey Quotes’ that are late night talk show level hilarious, that no one remembers five minutes later. Laughter for days and a new driver – and that’s a Kelsey weekend.

I also started bullet journaling this month. It’s been an interesting experiment, I’m enjoying it more than I expected. I had a really hard time conceptualizing how it would work until I hand a journal in my hand and was adding pages and updating the index. Then, I couldn’t stop adding things! Goals, Gratitude, stencils, handwriting – all of it!

More positive change in November – back to Weight Watchers! I love me, and my face and my circumference and all of it! I’d just like to be me, only a bit lighter in step. 20171108_183816-COLLAGE



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